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Life, people, jobs and relationships are all very dynamic. Through our foundational Bridging Pathways “success skills” like, sharing experiences with others, thinking and solving problems, and becoming self aware, we find there is a direct relation to a person’s ability to have meaningful relationships (friendships and marriage), as well as rewarding employment. Bridging Pathways is all about helping your child to cope well in all of these Dynamic systems, so they may grow to lead productive, independent adult lives. 

RDI Consultant with Child


Often called the “missing link” in Autism treatment, the Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Program and BP methodologies are research –based treatment programs that helps parents with an autistic or behavior challenged child learn how to guide their child to desire and succeed in genuine give-and-take relationships, while addressing flexible thinking, rapid attention-shifting, executive functioning and emotional regulation.



Changing the communication environment for a person on the autism spectrum can make a dramatic difference in their desire to engage with peers, co-workers, friends, and family.  By reducing the use of imperatives and interrogatives, we open the channels for communication through the use of an experience-sharing form of communication.  Some examples of this might be:

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Melissa Reiner RDI Consultant

Dr. Andrew McIntosh MD Leading Pediatric Neurologist

Every single family I have referred to Melissa has given me consistently positive feedback.  That has never happened before.

"Saved my daughter, my family, my life"

I was living in a nightmare. My daughter, Katie, had ADHD and ODD. My husband’s and my day consisted of  our daughter's angry outbursts, kicking chairs, slamming doors and physically bullying her sister. She kicked me, hit me and made feral growling noises.  My daughter was 10. We were desperate, at our wits end and hopeless. I worried about how this environment was affecting my 8 year old daughter. My youngest daughter was scared of her sister and didn’t understand what was wrong with her.
I felt like I walked on eggshells. Episodes would range from 1.5 to 2 hours. Katie would threaten to kill herself. Finally, she would spiral down to out of control sobbing. 

I am well educated. I read every book I could find on ADHD and ODD. Our psychiatrist would provide medication and general methods to deal with ADHD and ODD children. I thought I could figure this out. I couldn’t.  I searched for a  RDI Consultant in Newport Beach or Laguna Hills and found Bridging Pathways

Melissa came into our home, watched our struggles, saw our pain.  She got Katie to her express her feelings in more appropriate ways, developed a plan of action for the family when Katie began to get out of control, developed responses to that behavior that actually worked.  The plan was specific to our family and our situation. It was nothing you could get from a generalized book. 

I thought I had lost my daughter. There was nothing more important than the help we received from Melissa that gave us the gift of getting her back.

Melissa saved our family and our sanity. I notice the more I learn about how to follow her program, the more peaceful my house and life is. The better Katie has become. There is no more violence, there is no more arguing and drawn out insane battles.  It seems so simple now, but it was so hard to see how to improve these interactions when Katie had been out of control and holding us hostage with her temper and emotional outbursts. 
​I cannot recommend Bridging Pathways enough.​My nightmare is finally over. Bridging Pathways Behavior Consulting  saved my daughter,  My family. My life

                                                                                                                              Susan T., Laguna Hills, CA

"Life changing"

Our experience with Melissa at Bridging Pathways Behavioral and Autism Consulting has been life changing . We needed a  Behavior and Autism Consultant in Los Angeles for help with my 6 year old. We needed a better plan and approach to dealing with my daughters inability to tolerate change and participate productively with the family.  Melissa began working with us at end of last year and within a couple of months we began to see the improvement and I can say that four months in we are at a place that We started to enjoy my interaction with my child and my child is happier and the aggression has gone. We are walking proof that Melissa's approach works. Melissa is a great listener and works with the family and from the minute we met her she has been flexible and accommodating to our changing needs. She is a true team player and my daughters even with all the hard work we did adore Melissa! Best RDI Consultant in Los Angeles 

                                                                                                                                   Cleo A., Los Angeles, CA

"First time in 9 years,,,years, we were a peaceful and happy family."​

Melissa has been working with us for only a few months, but already, we have seen such a difference in our 9 year old son. This past week, was the first week in 9 years, that we felt like we were a peaceful and happy family."​
                                                                                                                     Jessica and Matt W., Encino, CA

"The changes were drmatic"

Melissa is  the best therapist our family has ever worked with. She really turned our lives around and gave us all the space to breathe and enjoy one another again. The change was dramatic in our child, and for everyone in our family as a result.

                                                                                                                                     Lucy K., Los Angeles, CA

"I am forever grateful"

I have nothing but wonderful things to share about Bridging Pathways. As an educator specializing in teaching students with learning and behavioral challenges, I thought I knew a lot about managing the difficulties in my own home. Before finding Bridging Pathways I tried multiple positive behavioral approaches and reward systems to increase positive outcomes with my strong willed child, but most would work for a short time and eventually I would be seeking a new strategy. My husband and I had a hard time coming to an agreement about how to appropriately interact with our son due to my educational experience and his consideration of  expected behavior of a six year old. Melissa was able to bridge the gap between my husband and I by modeling the RDI strategies in our home so that we could regain our son's trust, respect and build open communication by working through challenges together. Her caring demeanor and knowledge of developmental norms helped our family return to peaceful exchanges as well as deescalating the frustrations that we had been feeling over my son's disruptive behavior prior to her interventions. I am forever grateful for her support and guidance.

                                                                                                                                    Jamie B., Santa Ana , CA

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